Manufacturers Represented

American Padmount Systems
Sectionalized Enclosures and Fibierglass Bases
Circuit Breaker Sales
Remote Racking, Breaker Repair and Replacement
Central Moloney
Pole and Padmount Transformers, Wildlife Guards, Transformer Components
Cleaveland/Price Inc.
Switch Products, Automation Products, Line Sensors, RTUs
EOI Lighting
Outdoor LED Area Lighting
Fiberglass Line Hardware
Fiberglass cutout, fiber optic, suspension, jumper, and conductor supports brackets.
Electri-Glass, Inc
Box Pads, Hand-Holes, Sectionalizing Cabinets
Galvan Electrical
Ground Rods and Grounding Accessories
Hughes Brothers
Wood, Steel & Fiberglass Hardware Accessories
Aluminum Clad Steel Conductor, Bar and Rods, and Wire Fasteners
Keystone Poles
Tubular Steel Distribution, Substation, and Transmission Poles
Transformer Fans, Motors, and Control Systems
P&R Tech
Markers, Bird Diverters, Obstruction Lights, Solar Lighting, Area Security, Signs.
PPC Insulators
Porcelain Distribution and Substation Insulators
Peak Demand Utility Products
Fused Cutouts, Polymer Deadends, 600V CTs, Switchgear CTs. Bushing CTs
RapidRail International
Tower Climbing Fall Protection
Lineman Voltage/Current Detectors
Steel and Aluminum Lighting Arms, Substation Steel
Toughened Glass Insulators
Speed Systems
Power Cable Installation Tools
TerraCast Products
Lighting Pole Bases
Travis Pattern & Foundry
Bolted, Compression, and Welded Substation Fittings
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